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Insulating material, quality reflects the composition and measurement of

Insulation performance is good or bad and with Hugh degree. Resistance (mainly is by insulating material called insulation resistance) reflects. The value of insulation resistance of insulation material on the current DC voltage for the processing and insulating material (called the leakage current) ratio. Insulation resistance enough. Leakage current limits in the range can be very small, thus bites to prevent leakage current caused by the accident of the equipment or the electric shock accident.

Insulation resistance by the volume resistance and surface resistance of parts. Volume resistance is the current value of surface resistance by resistance of insulation thickness is the current through the surface of the insulating resistance value. Usually said insulation resistance refers to the total resistance of the vast material, is the parallel volume resistance and surface resistance value. Corresponding with this is. The resistivity of insulating materials also have the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of.

Insulation resistance by megohmmeter (commonly known as the shake table to measure.

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